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Online Cash Management

United Texas Bank's Online Cash Management offers a sophisticated set of online tools that can be customized to suit any business, ensuring your cash balances are constantly working hard for you. Instant transaction originations, customized reports, automatic balance alerts and fraud control are just a few of the features that will give you an unprecedented level of control, freedom, and flexibility.

Online Cash Management allows you to access your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week anywhere an internet connection is available. By utilizing such features as check imaging, balance alerts, and transaction exports (into Quickbooks, Quicken or Microsoft Money), you will find that you are able to reduce the amount of time you spend managing your finances. In addition, one of the most important features of Online Cash Management is the ability to customize account access by creating individual user "profiles". Each profile will contain a unique ID and secure password that defines the user's access to specific accounts and services.

Here are just a few of the features:

  • Balance Information
  • Detailed Transaction History with Check Images
  • Balance Alerts- receive e-mail notifications of your balance based on threshold amount
  • Account-to-Account Transfers
  • Direct Deposit Payroll Services and ACH Origination
  • EFTPS Tax Payments
  • Wire Transfers
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Online Services (research requests & secure e-mail)
  • Multi-User Functionality- Customer has the ability to create a "profile" for each user that includes a unique ID and password, as well as permission settings that define account access for that user

Price List and Packages

Sign up for United Texas Bank's Online Cash Management and enjoy the convenience of internet banking combined with the power of UTB's cash management product line-up. Contact customer service today at 972-239-7000 to apply for our BASIC, PLUS, or OVERDRIVE package; or if you prefer, order the products you need a la carte.

Basic Cash Management
No Charge
Balance Information, Transaction History, Transfers, Check Images & E-Statements
Cash Management Plus
$50.00 per month
Includes all of the services of Basic plus ACH Origination, EFTPS Tax Payments*
& Commercial Bill Pay
Cash Management Overdrive
$100.00 per month
Includes all of the services of Cash Management Plus as well as Account Reconciliation, Commercial Bill Pay, & Discounted Domestic Wire Transfers**
Cash Management Overdrive with Remote Deposit Capture
$150.00 per month
Includes all of the services of Cash Management Overdrive plus the usage of RDC Scanner*** &  Commercial Bill Pay & Positive Pay

A La Carte Menu & Additional Services

EFTPS Tax Payments only*
$10.00 per month
Account Reconciliation only
$50.00 per month
Commercial Bill Pay Online

Lockbox Services

Domestic Wires through Cash Management**

Research Requests

Positive Pay
$10.00 per month

$100.00 per month

$10.00 each

$3.00 per copy

$50.00 per month


*Federal Tax Payments Only: You must provide a copy of Tax Payment Coupon and IRS Acceptance Letter.
** Wire transfer agreement required.
***Additional $50.00 per month charge for each additional RDC Scanner.
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